Granturismo RS ignition conversion

This is a full ignition system solution for Lambretta scooters. It provides answers to all the electrical problems associated with Lambretta ignitions. There is no other system on the market that covers all the technical benefits that are offered by this solution.

Please read the manual below to select your specification and build options.

NOTE: The Ebay parts prices in the manual are out of date.

Ignition manual

Section index

  1.  Introduction
  2. Part descriptions
  3. Pre-fitting preparation
  4.  Installation
  5.  Running in
  6. Care and Maintenance
  7. Tuning & performance
  8.  Disclaimer
  9.  History


1. Introduction

The Gran Turismo ignition system is a conversion of existing electronics and components from Aprilia RS125 (122 variant) motorbikes. In developing this ignition we have provided many technical benefits that have not been available to the Lambretta owner;

these include the following:

1. A genuine 180 watt 12VDC system.
2. A wiring new loom that can handle the power.
3. External pick-up.
4. Digital timing with auto advance and retard.
5. “Plug and play” power valve control “Rave” unit.
6. Easily adjustable ignition timing.
7. Integrated rev counter,
8. Integrated low fuel warning,
9. Digital clock.
10. Integrated volt meter.
11. Integrated lap counter.
12. Integrated water temp.
13. Options for water and air cooled engines.
14. Full, explanatory build manual and dimensioned drawings.
15. Extensive DIY options .

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