Spain 2018

June 2018 the Lambretta Euro Jamboree destination was Spain. After much speculation about the location it was published the year before that it would be held in Abejar which is an inland area in Spain’s north west corner.

Most people from the UK would be taking the ferry from the UK into Santander or Bilbao. Having done this in 2010 for the previouse Spanish euro I was reluctant to take that route again as it results in cutting the ridding miles down far too much. The attraction of the Euro events for me has always been the idea of spending two weeks away exploring new destinations around Europe on Lambrettas with all the challenges that throws up. Taking an easy route is for me akin to a mountain climber taking a helicopter to the summit of Mount Everest just so he can say he stood there and admired the view.

As the vast majority of our usual Euro ridding companions had chosen to take the ferry, Russ and I belatedly planned the route we would take, when I say planned a route, what I actually mean is we decided to take a ferry to Saint-Malo and head south to cross the Pyrenees into Spain, we did have one destination we wanted to visit during the outbound trip which was the derelict French town of Oradour-sur-Glane. This village was the place where during WW2 after the allied Normandy landings a German SS company massacred the inhabitants including women and children. The village has been left as it was that day as a memorial to the atrocities. More about that later.

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