SpliffSpeed builds

Below is a small selection of engines built by us with step by step illustrations.


GT 250 Bridge Port

GT 250 Bridge Port

This customer wanted a GT 250 to the same spec as my own GT 250. The build was on a mint TV 200 casing and included the following parts: GT 200 bridged barrel bored to 71mm and ported 62/115 crank H2 wossner piston 71mm LTH clutch Cyclone gearbox at 4.7 final drive Electrext ignition Fran …

tod case

GT 250 no bridge

This motor is another spec close to my own GT 250 using the same crank which consists of an RD 115 conrod on 60 webs with an eccentric pin making it 62mm stroke. The Kawasaki H2 piston requires a 115 rod as it has a low 30mm deck height. This GT 250 conversion consists of: …


GT230 Conversion

This¬† is an Italian GP200 casing,¬† the customer wanted a GT 230 conversion. The engine was in bad shape when disassembled as can been seen in the images below. This GT 230 conversion consists of: 60/110 crank AF Wossner 70mm piston GT 200 bridged barrel bored to 70.25mm and ported Franspeed Race exhaust Electrex ignition …

C 1

GT 240 standard kit

This engine is a GT 240 kit built on a new GT intercontinental engine case. The customer wanted the engine to do the land’s end to John O’Groats trip to raise money for a charity. All of the components in the engine are new parts down to the smallest part. GT engine case GT mag …