Adria day one

With the excitement building a few of us decided to leave a day early to get the majority of the journey down to the Channel Tunnel done on Friday night rather than getting no sleep on Friday night and doing it all Saturday morning.

We opted to book rooms at the Days Inn at Cobham services on the M25, A few of the crew decided to meet up there, others stuck to the original plan of leaving early Saturday morning.

This also gave me a chance to do any last minute checks and changes to the tracker, camera and luggage packing.

As usual it ended up with a pretty late night drinking before turning in for the night.

The following members set off on Friday to meet up at Cobham.


Indian GP150 standard


Li S3 – Casa 185


Jet TS1 225


GP – SpliffSpeed GT200

Eden – Paula

Eibar S2 Winter Model – SpliffSpeed GT250

Paul – Julie

GT 200


TV 200 GT200 kit


Standard 200

Video, trip to Cobham

Day one track

Uneventful day one….. it does get more interesting, honestly.

GT300LC Price Structure

The price options for the GT300LC 580 version (no power valve) are:

  • Full engine build, install engine, install water cooling (Fully fitted) from: £8248.40
  • Build engine and supply all other parts £7548.40
  • Supply all parts, nothing built £7048.40
  • Supply all engine parts (just engine), nothing built £6035.40

A full price breakdown of each option above is available on requests.

The engine is also available in kit form, the parts listed below form just the essential parts needed, all other “standard” engine parts are also required.

  • Kit option £4502

Casing, side casing, mag housing & cover, crank, Cylinder kit, Head, seal plates, stator plate, gearbox end plate, Manifold, VHSB34 carb, reed chamber, reed valve, Primary drive set, Chain, Tensioner, Wiring loom, Mounting bracket set, studs/bearings/seals/gaskets

  • Radiator kit £215

Radiator cowling, water pump, mounting kit, Expansion & battery tray

  • Other essential parts needed for kit option

RS125 ECU, rectifier, Coil, Flywheel, Stator & pickup, Radiator, Expansion bottle, Clocks, Battery, BGM Pro clutch centre, gearbox, Exhaust, Rear axle, Side case/gear selector/ rear brake furniture.  

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Full test report of the prototype GT300LC.

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Tracks since 2017 to present

I have decided to move all the tracking info from one of my other websites over to this website, this means that when I am ridding the tracker will now upload the tracks to this site so I can display them in pages here.

New garmin Zumo motorcycle Satnav | eBay

This page shows all the routes I rode since 2017 since the tracker was installed, please give the tracks a little time to load.
The tracker is always on but I often forget to enable the upload to server setting, I will endeavour to enable it every time in future.

I have used many different types of Satnav while exploring on my Lambrettas, most recently I have use the Garmin Zumo. Using the cradle it can be mounted in various positions and has BlueTooth connectivity which means you can either use BlueTooth ear buds or an intercome system such as the various Sena units available if you have one installed into your helmet.

The tracking system that the Lambretta Images Archive uses is linked to the sites server so that it can upload speed and position along with many other variables which the website can then access and display tracks both in real time or retrospectively like the tracks above on this page. The trackers in the Lambrettas are also a great security measure should one of them go missing.

Touring & Rally Adventures

Over the years we have done countless miles attending various rallys around the UK and Europe, each year we also try to do at least one long tour. The tours are usually taking a long route to where ever the annual Lambretta jamboree is taking place, but not always, now and again we pick a place and just ride there. personally I also do many miles each year clocking up miles testing, or rather trying to break, various products which are in development.

This section of the website is where the images, video’s and experiences of these adventures are shared, I have lots of adventures to add from previous years and will endeavour to update this section with upcoming adventures as and when time allows. If you subscribe you will be notified when new content is added to the website.

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to this site for notification of future updates.

GT polished Sidecase

The polished Granturismo side case is the perfect complement to the Granturismo engine case. It can also be used with any other Lambretta engine case.

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Granturismo RS ignition conversion

This is a full ignition system solution for Lambretta scooters. It provides answers to all the electrical problems associated with Lambretta ignitions. There is no other system on the market that covers all the technical benefits that are offered by this solution.

Please read the manual below to select your specification and build options.

NOTE: The Ebay parts prices in the manual are out of date.

Ignition manual

Section index

  1.  Introduction
  2. Part descriptions
  3. Pre-fitting preparation
  4.  Installation
  5.  Running in
  6. Care and Maintenance
  7. Tuning & performance
  8.  Disclaimer
  9.  History


1. Introduction

The Gran Turismo ignition system is a conversion of existing electronics and components from Aprilia RS125 (122 variant) motorbikes. In developing this ignition we have provided many technical benefits that have not been available to the Lambretta owner;

these include the following:

1. A genuine 180 watt 12VDC system.
2. A wiring new loom that can handle the power.
3. External pick-up.
4. Digital timing with auto advance and retard.
5. “Plug and play” power valve control “Rave” unit.
6. Easily adjustable ignition timing.
7. Integrated rev counter,
8. Integrated low fuel warning,
9. Digital clock.
10. Integrated volt meter.
11. Integrated lap counter.
12. Integrated water temp.
13. Options for water and air cooled engines.
14. Full, explanatory build manual and dimensioned drawings.
15. Extensive DIY options .

Electronic mounting kit series 3

Stainless steel electronic mounting kit for all series 3 Lambretta. Made in Birmingham, England.

This mounting kit is a very neat solution. Utilising full stainless construction and captive fasteners, this kit is very easy to mount and has perfect frame and body work clearances.


£19.00 each

Gran Turismo chain tensioner

The Gran Turismo chain tensioner is designed and manufactured to resolve many of the technical issues associated with existing Lambretta products. The tensioner is designed to have the correct fit to the engine casing and be able to accommodate a wide range primary drive combinations.

The design of the tensioner assembly was specifically targeted to resolve technical issues such as:
1. Wide range of primary drive combinations
2. High quality UK manufacture
3. Replaceable wear components
4. Push / pull tensioning
5. Precise fit to engine casing
6. Lowest price universal tensioner available
To fully resolve all of these technical problems properly required the entire assembly to be re-considered from scratch. Every component was re evaluated from a new design and performance criteria.

Part descriptions

1pcs Tensioner mounting plate, CNC machined aluminium
1pcs Tensioner wear shoe, injection moulded plastic
2pcs Custom machined shoe dowel fasteners
2pcs Hex, M6 bolts x long
2pcs Counter sunk, M6 socket heads x long

3. Pre-fitting preparation

The installation of this product will provide you with increased flexibility in primary drive selection. Please view the selection table below for recommended ratios, sizes and fitting positions.

Primary combination Chain length
15/46                                        80
16/46                                        81
17/46                                        81
18/46                                        82
19/46                                        82
15/47                                         81
16/47                                         81
17/47                                         82
18/47                                         82
19/47                                         83

Kit contains the following parts:
1pcs Tensioner mounting plate
1pcs Tensioner wear shoe
2pcs Custom machine shoe dowels
2pcs M6 hex bolts
2pcs M6 counter sunk socket heads

In addition to the kit you will need:
1. Good tools
2. The correct length IWIS chain
3. A chain tension tab washer

Warning! Only use chains with riveted joining links (we recommend IWIS chain). Never use chains with loose or pinned joining links.

4. Installation

Assembly steps:
With the original chain and primary drive removed, re-assemble with the new chain tension

1. Loosely assemble the chain tensioner together so that the shoe is allowed to slide up and down.
2. Check and prepare the 2 M6 tensioner fixing holes in the casing. Use a drop of soft locking compound to prevent socket screws loosening.
3. Offer up and screw down the assembled tensioner assembly.
4. Fit the lay shaft primary drive shims where applicable.
5. Make sure the shoe is correctly positioned for your primary combination
6. Offer up and fit the primary drive and chain assembly.
7. Move the shoe to the correct tensioning position and tighten the M6 hex nuts
8. Torque range 2 .5 – 3.3 ft/lbs (30-40inch/lbs). These settings require a low range ¼” torque wrench.
9. The shoe dowel is designed to bite into the mounting plate and hold the wear shoe firm.
10. Turn the engine over a few times to check fit and clearance
11. Secure M6 hex nuts with the tab washer (not supplied)
12. The M6 counter sunk screws can have increased security by dot punching a small spot between the edge of the fastener and the mounting plate (the same technique used for securing drive side seal plates).

5. Care and maintenance

The tensioner needs no special care or maintenance procedures. Spare parts are available. Ensure you have the correct type and quantity of oil before running your engine. Do not over tighten your chain tensioner.

6. Disclaimer

While every effort has been made to ensure that these instructions are accurate and concise, they are only intended as a guide for general fitting. Your machine may differ slightly from the one described and illustrated.
Granturismo accept no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the fitting or use of a Granturismo equipment. For additional information please consult the Lambretta workshop manual or your dealer. If you feel that
you are insufficiently equipped to carry out the installation safely and correctly, we recommend you consult your nearest dealer before proceeding.
This conversion kit carries no type approvals. Verifying the legality of the installation for road use is solely the responsibility of the customer/rider

£30 each

GT Clutch Springs

The simplest way to up rate your standard Lambretta clutch without breaking the bank.

These performance clutch springs are ground to length and manufactured in Birmingham to consistent production standards. The are made from heavier gauge wire than standard with a slightly longer “Free length” and higher Nmm rating than standard.

Inspect your existing clutch for wear and damage then fit as standard. The increase compressive pre-load helps increases the ability of the standard clutch to handle increased power from kitted engines.

These springs are not overly heavy, the spring weight is noticable but you don’t need to be a weight lifter and standard levers are perfectly usable with these springs. Good for 20 BHP, which covers the vast majority of kitted scooters.

per set of five

GT Intercontinental Engine Case

    • Granturismo Lambretta engine case.
  •  Reverse compatible to standard 200 casings and all internals including crank
  •  Original look with finning and jack points
  •  Utilises original mag flange
  •  Utilises original side case
  •  Crank on original centre line to utilise all current exhaust systems
  •  Utilises any currently available ignition system
  •  Thicker sections for strength and increased gasket face area
  •  Properly positioned rear brake shoe pins
  •  Enlarge rear axle bearing boss to accommodate bigger bearings
  •  Pads for case mounted reed and boosts
  •  Large gasket area for big capacity cylinders
  •  Large crank case for CR250 72mm stroke crank
  •  Big capacity, low cost, water cooled cylinder 300cc
  •  Big capacity iron lined Inter-Continental air cooled cylinder 330cc
  •  100% Made in England

£810 each

including seal plate and end plate.

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I built an engine into the very first production Granturismo Lambretta case numbered GT200*0001. the process involved stripping down a working engine and transferring all the parts into the new case to make sure that everything would fit.

The engine went together very well.

Below is video footage of its first few miles. 09/06/16

images of the build: