GT300LC Price Structure

The price options for the GT300LC 580 version (no power valve) are:

  • Full engine build, install engine, install water cooling (Fully fitted) from: £8248.40
  • Build engine and supply all other parts £7548.40
  • Supply all parts, nothing built £7048.40
  • Supply all engine parts (just engine), nothing built £6035.40

A full price breakdown of each option above is available on requests.

The engine is also available in kit form, the parts listed below form just the essential parts needed, all other “standard” engine parts are also required.

  • Kit option £4502

Casing, side casing, mag housing & cover, crank, Cylinder kit, Head, seal plates, stator plate, gearbox end plate, Manifold, VHSB34 carb, reed chamber, reed valve, Primary drive set, Chain, Tensioner, Wiring loom, Mounting bracket set, studs/bearings/seals/gaskets

  • Radiator kit £215

Radiator cowling, water pump, mounting kit, Expansion & battery tray

  • Other essential parts needed for kit option

RS125 ECU, rectifier, Coil, Flywheel, Stator & pickup, Radiator, Expansion bottle, Clocks, Battery, BGM Pro clutch centre, gearbox, Exhaust, Rear axle, Side case/gear selector/ rear brake furniture.  

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Full test report of the prototype GT300LC.

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