Adria 2017

In May 2017 ILC travelled to the Euro Lambretta in Adria. The main party consisted of 17 people on 15 Lambrettas, the route took in the spine of the Alps from Interlaken to Innsbruck before dropping down into Italy. The return took ILC to Milan then along the Riviera to Saint Tropez before heading back north to the UK.  The planned duration was 2 weeks. Below is the account of the trip from planning through to completion.

Other ILC members will be taking more direct routes and others will join the main party along the route.

The route includes many Alpine passes:

  • Grimsel Pass
  • Furka Pass
  • Gotthard Pass
  • Oberalp Pass
  • Fluela Pass
  • Stelvio Pass
  • Grossglockner Pass

The route also includes visits to various race tracks:

  • Reims-Gueux
  • Adria International raceway
  • Monza
  • Monaco
  • Le Mans

As well as the attractions above the route will also pass through iconic cities such as Reims,  Davos, Innsbruck, Venice, Verona, Milan, Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez.

While in the Alps there will be a visit to an Alpine roller coaster, as we pass near to Troyes we will visit the old French Lambretta factory and  while in Milan we will visit the Innocenti factory and the Lambretta museum.

This main ILC group will not have any support van, so will be relying on pure luck and a good collection of carried spares to hopefully repair any breakdowns.

The planned route below has way point tags and below that there is a tracker which will hopefully record the journey when ever there is an internet connection.

While on route the blog on this site will include updates from each day, (internet connection dependant)

Planned route

Day one

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