Tracks since 2017 to present

I have decided to move all the tracking info from one of my other websites over to this website, this means that when I am ridding the tracker will now upload the tracks to this site so I can display them in pages here.

New garmin Zumo motorcycle Satnav | eBay

This page shows all the routes I rode since 2017 since the tracker was installed, please give the tracks a little time to load.
The tracker is always on but I often forget to enable the upload to server setting, I will endeavour to enable it every time in future.

I have used many different types of Satnav while exploring on my Lambrettas, most recently I have use the Garmin Zumo. Using the cradle it can be mounted in various positions and has BlueTooth connectivity which means you can either use BlueTooth ear buds or an intercome system such as the various Sena units available if you have one installed into your helmet.

The tracking system that the Lambretta Images Archive uses is linked to the sites server so that it can upload speed and position along with many other variables which the website can then access and display tracks both in real time or retrospectively like the tracks above on this page. The trackers in the Lambrettas are also a great security measure should one of them go missing.

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