30 BHP Blog



The engine did pull 4.44 final drive but for rally use two up that gearing was just too long, as you can see from the short video on the right. The video Is of the ride down to Coventry for the VMSC Show In March, it also shows the ochre GP which is running the first prototype big block GT kit, again more on this later.
I decided to find the parts needed to return to 4.7 final drive. I opted for a pull down tensioner though so I could still use the same chain. The tensioner is a new product which I was given the chance to test in the engine, thats all I can say about that for now as I was sworn to secrecy. I changed the gearing on the way home from Coventry that day.


The next trip out was to Cobblesoul, France in April. The engine performed well all weekend until it got on the track on the Saturday afternoon, After an hour or so I could hear a knocking noise every time I leaned in to right hand bends in 3rd gear and on the way back to the camp site after the race session it became apparent that there was a bad noise when in 3rd gear. I decided to strip the gear box out when I got back to the site and found that I had lost a tooth off the third gear cog. As I didn’t have a spare cog all I could do was clean the metal out of the casing, change the oil and ride back to Blighty with out using 3rd gear, not easy when your 2 up with lots of luggage on a tuned motor.



When I got back from Cobblesoul I found that I had also broken the rear hub while there, 30 BHP defiantly brakes things 🙁
I’m not doing so many miles on this engine this year as I now have the a prototype GT big block kit in my GP which I’m testing to destruction, more about this in another blog that I’m yet to start, when I do, the link will be here. However, there is one more trip this year for the Winter model with the 30 BHP cast engine………

Next outing Euro Lambretta Avignon……………