30 BHP Blog

Once the engine was rebuilt with the new piston I decided to take it to the petrol station close by to fill the tank before I started re jetting the carburetor. I ended up taking the carb apart and drilling the pilot circuit because the hole behind the slide was very small, much smaller than any other carburetor I have seen.

During 2011 the Lambretta went to Santa Pod in March then had a few good track sessions at Cobblesoul in France.

This video from Cobblesoul gives an idea of how it compares to a Vespa GTS 300

A few months later we went to the Euro Lambretta in Ireland

During 2011 the engine performed well getting to many rallies with out any problems. The next problem was on route to Coast to Coast, not far from home the clutch clip popped out for some reason resulting in a clutch strip and repair on the side of the road.

The only change for 2012 was a different exhaust. I had been using JL4`s, but having to buy new ones every year due to them cracking around the down pipe. The new exhaust was a Franspeed Race, I had done a few dyno runs which showed that the Franspeed performed as well, if not slightly better than the JL4.
The exhaust went on just before the BSSO test day at Mallory Park in March. The GP went well during the day, and it was interesting to see how the full race scooters blew me away.