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The only change for 2012 was a different exhaust. I had been using JL4`s, but having to buy new ones every year due to them cracking around the down pipe. The new exhaust was a Franspeed Race, I had done a few dyno runs which showed that the Franspeed performed as well, if not slightly better than the JL4.
The exhaust went on just before the BSSO test day at Mallory Park in March. The GP went well during the day, and it was interesting to see how the full race scooters blew me away.


Again that year the engine gave very few problems, it did Cobblesoul, Euro Lambretta, a few nationals and came in 3rd at the Coast to Coast.

Video Album 


On the way back from Coast to Coast I decided that as that would be the last rally of the year for me I would give it some down the motorway, with it mind that as I would be rebuilding it again over the winter anyway it didn’t mater too much if I blew it up. It went amazingly well as you can see in the video to the left.