30 BHP Blog

While it was a stage 4 225 I did a bit of sprinting on it and achieved a best time of 17.03 seconds at Elvington some time around 2001. At this time the gearing was Italian GP 200 with 19 x 47 sprockets giving a final drive of 4.95, Exhaust was a JL KRP2 variant, Amal 30mm Carburetor and static Indian electronic ignition set at 18 degrees.
The Lambretta the engine was fitted to was an Italian 125 DL which I bought the day it was imported into the UK also in the early 1990’s.
The paint work was done by myself using a small compressor with the number 5 added to the panels a few years later. The paint work shown in these photos was the second colour I had painted it since owning the scooter. Originally the GP was for my wife who wanted it purple!

Then in 2002 the GP was painted again by Jason Frost at Absolutely Scooters in Sheffield. For another 5 or 6 years the engine continued to be reliable, getting me to many rallies here and there. However by 2007 I was getting bored with just riding it so I decided to change the engine spec using the same barrel. I decided to do the tune myself so for a few months I gathered as much information about two stoke tuning as I could find and bought the tools to do the job.

The list of tools needed were:

Tungsten Carbide Burrs
Grind Stones
Fordom Flexi Shaft
Dial Gauge
Vernier Caliper
Metal File Set
Felt Polishing tips
Polishing Compound

The list of components needed were:

Kawasaki H2 piston
60 Or 62mm Crank With 115 Or 116 Con rod
Head Profiled To Match The Piston Crown
New Bearings
Better Clutch
Longer Gearing
New Carburetor
New Exhaust

Then All I needed to do was port the barrel and have the re-bore to 71mm