Spain 2018

Next day we rode from there to St Marlo in time for the ferry back to Portsmouth, before leaving the B&B I had a look to see why I had lost all DC power the day before and found that the DC live wire out of the wassel regulator had broken off flush with the wassel outer casing which meant it wasn’t just a case of twisting two ends of wire together. Russ is old school and I know he always has some crazy stuff stashed in his wallet. What he had on this occasion was a clothes pin, I twisted the live wire around the cap end of the pin and pushed the pointed end of the pin into the wassel unit, hey presto, it worked, so I had lights and more importantly charging power for my array of electrical gadgets.

After getting back to Portsmouth we decide to carry on with the A and B roads adventure so used small roads all of the way back to Birmingham taking in the scenery, I even decided to ride through the centre of Birmingham and back out of the other side rather than taking the easy option of riding the M42.

Another very memorable Euro adventure came to an end, Russ and I are chalk and cheese but that makes for a perfect riding partnership. We dont get flustered easily and between us we nearly always find a solution to what ever a trip throws at us, but mainly we are both willing to see what’s at the end of a road when we are far from certain that we are on the right track, and many times over this trip we found ourselves on dirt tracks both giggling under our helmets wondering where we would end up.

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