Spain 2018

Next day we made a decision to do all of the return on A and B roads to make the trip a little more interesting rather than using boring French motorways. We left the hotel and after only about 15 miles, Russ while riding right next to me holed his piston, again we looked around and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere.

Rain was coming in as we stripped his top end off to replace it with his spare TS piston, due to the rain making us keep stopping to shelter this pit stop took nearly 2 hours before we were on our way again.

Later that day we got very lost in one town which also wasted over an hour, doing the A and B roads is fine until you get to a big town or city. We did eventually arrive at La Rochelle where we found somewhere to stay. It was at a house not far from the beach, a little like a British B&B only the house owner also lived there. We went out for a meal on the seafront and when we returned to the house I found that my Sena helmet intercom unit had melted while on charge which could have resulted in the place burning down, the smell of burning plastic was terrible, made worse by the smell of two blokes riding boots cooking by the radiator.

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