Spain 2018

Day two we set off from St Malo and made it to L’zor just before a very heavy thunderstorm, that day I had yet another rear tyre puncture which was annoying to say the least. we also found ourselves riding on back lanes wondering where our satnavs were taking us.

Day three we left the hotel and headed to the derelict French town which wasnt too far away. Walking around the ruined buildings and reading about that fateful day in the visitors centre was extremely thought provoking and quite depressing seeing with your own eyes the cruelty humans are capable of inflicting on one another.

When back in the car park getting ready to set off again we met an English bloke who was on a push bike carrying a tent and all sorts if other paraphernalia. We got chatting to him and discovered he was doing a solo push bike ride for charity from the UK to South Africa. Fascinating the things you see and hear while away on your lambretta.

By the end of that third day we had made it to Lordes with out any problems. Even the weather had been kind to us as that day there had been heavy rain storms all over France yet we had managed to miss them all.

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