Spain 2018

Day five we waited for G, Nick and Derek at our hotel as they had stayed over night nearby. They had also done pretty much the same route as us to Spain but had left the day before. We set off and not long later while all riding quite fast I noticed Derek’s rear wheel had a very bad wobble so we all waved him down to pull over. When inspected we found his rear hub had lost two of its wheel rim studs and not only that, it had cracked severely. Derek wanted to carry on riding it but we were not prepared to let him as it was suicidal to ride on such a badly damaged hub, while we were all “discussing” this a van pulled up, it was a Spanish guy on his way to the Euro rally site and he thankfully had space in his van for Derek’s GP.

Later that day we arrived at the camp site, that day I had noticed that my lambretta wasn’t pulling as well as it usually does but couldn’t quite work out why, I am usually quite good at diagnosing problems so this was troubling.

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