Returning from Poland.

The return threw up a couple of problems which were all related. We met up with G before leaving Zakopane which gave the opportunity to compare how the GT300LC fared with his BSG305, not that either of us rode anywhere near flat out as we were a long way from home, but we did have a couple of instances while heading back to the UK when we left the others behind.

We decided to ride north to Auschwitz to pay our respects on the first day before heading west. the first problem happened about 10 miles before we got there, my chain broke. It was pretty obvious that was the problem and I had a spare new Iwis chain with me, however while changing the chain I noticed another problem. The chain had wrapped around the rear sprocket and clumped up above the sprocket puncturing the engine case quite badly. This gave two things to worry about, the main one being that with a huge hole in the engine case above the rear sprocket how would the gearbox oil not escape, and secondly, if the crack grew while ridding, the engine case although unlikely could crack in half.

Sealing the hole was achieved by filling it with gasket sealant, this worked to an extent but hot oil will and did escape through the makeshift repair. The other issue just gave me something to worry about while riding thereafter. The video above was recorded the day after the chain broke, you can see I’m choosing to not knock down a gear to accelerate but rather just winding on the throttle in top gear.

the video below shows the moment the chain broke.

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  1. re.gt240 engine service I booked with you.
    I’ll leave that for the time being,with the intention to have one of the liquid cooled engines when available.

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