June came around and I decided I was willing to risk road testing the engine all the way to Poland and back as the Euro Lambretta was taking place there. I was fully aware that it would be a huge risk, both in terms of being stranded a long way from home should one of the one off components fail but also a risk that if that did happen it wouldn’t put the project in a good light in the eyes of the lambretta fraternity. I wasn’t so much worried about the top end as its a proven cylinder, the thing that concerned me was firstly the crank we had used as it was standard width webs at 64 stroke with 125mm conrod, secondly i was worried about the bottom end being able to cope with the torque, but again I was willing to risk it because from riding it over about 1000 miles before I set off, I knew the power delivery was very smooth so the bottom end wasn’t being suddenly hit hard with a harsh power band every time it accelerated. I also knew by then that cruising at 70mph+ it wasn’t breaking sweat, with the 3.9 final drive 4 speed gearbox 70mph only requires the engine revolving at 5500 rpm so it would be ticking over riding with my riding partners, that would at least be until we met up with Mr G who was riding his BSG305 motor, more about that later.

Outbound journey to Poland

It was a pleasure to ride the GT300LC to Poland, below is a gallery containing images showing the route for each day along with miles covered each day.

We didn’t have a backup van with us for the trip so the Lambretta had to carry all of the luggage as well as an array of spare parts and tools. The only issue the GT300LC suffered on the outward journey was loss of current to the water pump which was due to me cramming my 2 stroke oil bottle into the legshield toolbox at one of the fuel stops in Germany, I had inadvertently dislodged the live terminal on the battery. This resulted in the water temperature sky rocketing not long after leaving the fuel station. A quick stop to reconnect the terminal rectified the problem.

pics below from the outbound journey.

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  1. re.gt240 engine service I booked with you.
    I’ll leave that for the time being,with the intention to have one of the liquid cooled engines when available.

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