For road testing a standard width lambretta crank was needed as the decision to produce the big heavy new cranks was put on hold until it was known that the Rotax concept would be viable and work as expected, this also meant that a one off engine case was also needed for testing as the crankcase area had to be machined for a standard width crank but the mag area and barrel gasket face had to suit the ignition system and barrel respectively.

Once the Exhaust was created the first thing we did was take it onto a dyno to see if it was making the power we expected and more importantly, that it was making power where we wanted and expected it to, the results were promising and right where intended so the decision was made to put the engine into my GP and start road testing.

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  1. re.gt240 engine service I booked with you.
    I’ll leave that for the time being,with the intention to have one of the liquid cooled engines when available.

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