GT 250 no bridge

This motor is another spec close to my own GT 250 using the same crank which consists of an RD 115 conrod on 60 webs with an eccentric pin making it 62mm stroke. The Kawasaki H2 piston requires a 115 rod as it has a low 30mm deck height.

This GT 250 conversion consists of:

  • Un-bridged GT 200 barrel bored to 71mm and ported
  • Wossner H2 71mm Piston
  • 62/115 crank
  • LI 150 gearbox at 4.7 final drive
  • Fran race exhaust.
  • 30mm BHPH carb
  • Kheper fully programmable ignition

Crankcase work


barrel work


Piston mods


Head work





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