GT 200 testing

The GT230 had no problems at all, in fact the only problems I had were with my helmet cam, it eventually stopped working so I had to buy a new one while in Davos .

After a fantastic three days in Davos on the Euro Jamboree we headed of for the next part of the trip, the part all of us had been looking forward to.
We rode over the Alps taking in as many passes as possible including the legendary Stelvio Pass. We passed into Italy before Stelvio and after it we headed to Milan.
The weather on that Sunday was terrible, it rained most of the time in the Alps, we even saw snow falling while getting warm in the cafe at the top of Stelvio Pass, but the weather really turned bad as we got closer to Milan. Thunder and lightning and the heaviest rain I have ever seen, it rained so much that as we got close to Milan the motorway was closed due to flooding and we had to take a detour which resulted in us having to ride through water that came up higher than the floor runners on the Lambrettas. We were sure that one of our engines would suffer water penetration and stop running, but the gods were on our side that day and we made it to a Hotel in Milan with out any mechanical problems.

The next day we rode into the centre of Milan and then out to the Innocenti factory ruins, from there we made our way to Casa Lambretta and received a warm welcome from Vitorio who proudly showed us round his Lambretta museum.

Later in the afternoon we rode to the Monza race track before heading back up into the Alps for the return trip.

We made it to a hotel in Lucerne at around midnight after riding through some of the longest tunnels in the world and up over the Alps in the dark. Again we had no mechanical problems between our four Lambrettas.

Those two days are among the best two days ive had riding my Lambretta!

Big thanks to Russel Baker, Chris Butler, Chris Canavan and John Jack!

and my wife for letting me go 🙂

We rode the rest of the way and arrived in Cleethorpes the following Friday for the national rally.

The video below is the 1st cut version showing some of this adventure



The trip proved that the GT big block kit was viable. I am still riding GT powered Lambrettas to this day. One is still this 240 and the other is a 250 conversion.