GT 200 testing

This GT200 is shown in the video below, from time stamp 2:08
I’m shooting the video following Mik on my 30 bhp motor

I decided to see what scope there was for tuning the GT200 barrel, so with the other prototype barrel I created a 240 conversion.
For this I used 62mm webs with a 115 rod which had an 18mm wrist pin so used a KXD 70mm piston.
This conversion didn’t last long due to the crank twisting so I then used 60mm webs with a 107 rod with 16mm wrist pin and decided to see if a TS225 piston (70mm) would work with the kit.
I lifted the exhaust port to make the blowdown longer and gave all the other ports good chamfers

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The 230 was dyno’d early in 2014 along with the standard bridge port GT kit as part of a Scootering magazine article on the GT kits

The blue line is the GT230, Red line is the standard GT200 and the Green line is a tuned GT186

Over the next few months my GT230 did various rally’s including Coast to Coast, Cobblesoul, Tenby and Whitby, both Tenby and Whitby were done as day trips both over 350 miles each day.

Then after doing many miles with out problems I filled up with standard unleaded fuel saver from Shell on the way back from a day trip to Catcliffe and 35 miles later holed the piston.

Very clean hole and damage to the head.