GT 200 testing

The holed piston gave me the opportunity to try something else, something I had been considering for a while. I had purchased a 70.25 Wossner piston from AF which has no reed windows
The plan was to try the GT with out reed windows to see if there was any difference in performance, the GT’s Boyesen feeds are above the piston face so if the engine wants to pull charge into the barrel it would be able to with out reed windows when the inlet is closed by the piston skirt
The only problem I had was that it was Sunday night and I was due to leave on Thursday to take part in the LCGB Lands End to John O Groats trip, so i had to get the re-bore done very quickly for me to have time to also rebuild the engine and get some miles under its belt to iron out any issues.

A friend of a friend said he would be able to do it and get it back to me the next night (Monday) so I decided to risk it and give it to him to do.
Monday night I went to the pub to meet the guy only for him to arrive and say he had left it at work, I insisted he go and fetch it as I was running out of time so he did. when he came back I tried the piston in the bore and thought it felt tight.
I had asked for 4 thou clearance and the guy assured me that was what he had done it to. I had no other option but to get it built and see how it ran.

I had to cut an arc in the piston to improve inlet timing

I managed to get the motor built and running by Wednesday night and took it out for a test ride. The bore was tight as it nipped up at only 40mph
I decided I would still do the LeJoG event but would have to run it in on route taking it very easy. To say it was a pain is an understatement,