11. Cylinder head specifications

Assembly manual

11. Cylinder head specifications
Richard Taylor wrote this manual.

New for 2012 is the arrival of the Porcupine cylinder head. This cylinder head answers many of the problems we experienced with converting OEM heads namely, metal porosity, broken fins, small batch quantities, dirty/damaged
parts and erratic supply. Additionally to these problems, the porcupine head is CNC machined for precision combustion chamber shape and has the benefit of a centre spark plug and blanking plug for performance applications, CHT and TDC dial probes.

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1. Pre-fitting kit preparation
2. Installation preparation
3. GT186 Stock Touring Installation steps
4. Air box installation amendments
5. Carburettors, jetting & sparkplugs
6. Running in
7. Care and Maintenance
8. Tuning & performance
9. Disclaimer
10. Trouble shooting
11. Cylinder head specifications
12. Suggested specifications
13. Distributors, spares and service
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