1. Pre-fitting kit preparation

Assembly manual

1. Pre-fitting kit preparation
Richard Taylor wrote this manual.

Gran Turismo barrels are an iron casting and as such are produced in a sand mould. This is an extremely hot process, which can sometimes leave a small residue of casting sand in the ports or at the base of the fins. It is important to check that the internal ports of the barrel and the manifold are clear of any such debris from the manufacturing process before installation. This is done by washing the parts in a de-greaser and scraping any affected areas with a suitably sacrificial screwdriver.

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1. Pre-fitting kit preparation
2. Installation preparation
3. GT186 Stock Touring Installation steps
4. Air box installation amendments
5. Carburettors, jetting & sparkplugs
6. Running in
7. Care and Maintenance
8. Tuning & performance
9. Disclaimer
10. Trouble shooting
11. Cylinder head specifications
12. Suggested specifications