Adria day three

After the late night we all rose late morning knowing we had 80 miles less to do today to get to the planned destination of Dijon.

Scotty replaced his stator with a spare and we all packed the Lambrettas up again and set off.

The first funny thing to happen was at a fuel stop where the cashier insisted one of us hadn’t’ paid for our fuel. Becko argued with her for ages until he realised he had paid for his drink and food but hadn’t been charged for his fuel, he paid up and we got away eventually.

A while later I was ridding at the back with Jason and Sue, Jason was on a standard GP150 which is really really slow. two police bikes passed us and both had a long look at each of us as they passed, soon after one of them was waiting to pull us over. We followed him into a services and found they were pulling a number of people doing spot checks.

They had pulled us because we were going so slow, they thought we were on mopeds, telling us the law in France is a minimum of 125cc on the motorways, Jason explained that we were all on 150cc at least and that we were travelling slow because of the age of the Lambrettas, taking care not to damage the old engines. The police ended up being quite interested in the scooters and the planned trip we were undertaking, one even requested a sticker with the route on. we were relieved that they let us carry on.

Not much else happened on day three, we arrived in Dijon and found the hotel which had a small courtyard where we parked up the lambrettas then headed into town for a meal before finding an Irish bar to drink the night away.

Day three track

Day four

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