Adria day thirteen

St. Tropaz ….Sun, Sand and Sore ribs

My day started early , 2am to be precise. I was sharing the apartment with the missing 3, Chris, Scotty and Sulla , so when they finally got to the accommodation I got up to show them where it was. Chris was obviously in a bit of pain and rather uncomfortable, but managed to get a few hours sleep.
The morning was HOT, so there was only one thing to do, hit the beach, and, being St. Tropaz, part of it was nudist, why are nudist beaches never how you imagine them ? …..mainly nude old men ☹
There was a bit of drama on the beach when a forest fire was spotted on the peninsula to the right of us, and five fire fighting planes doing circuits, filling up in flight from the sea, to dump the water on the fire and and repeating. After catching a few rays and a swim in the sea , we all headed back for some lunch around the bar and that’s where we stayed the rest of the day/ night.
The two nights and day we spent there came at just the right time with what had happened the day before , and was a welcome break for all of us .

The beach and resort were lovely, a real tropical paradise. It felt quite surreal realising we had rode from snowy Alpine mountain tops to palm trees and sand.

We could all now relax and play up a little, Chris’s injuries resulted in him being unusually quiet, apart from the odd groan brought on by laughing at the others antics.

The resort wasn’t used to a gang of drunken Brit scooterists but they suffered us in silence and let us drink the booze we bought from the onsite shop while sitting in the bar area, you just wouldn’t get away with that in the UK. Becko being Becko decided to spike every drink he poured for Ada with a third of a pint of Vodka, Ada was soon in a state and wondered off in the direction of our apartments. I say apartments, they were actually log clad cabins which very much resembled a caravan inside. later on Scotty came back and showed us a video he had taken of Ada when he saw him walking the wrong way while lost in the resort.

Due to the days binge drinking everyone turned in quite early knowing we all had to hit the road again in the morning.

Day fourteen

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