Adria day sixteen

This was the last leg in Europe, travelling from Le Mans to Caen for the ferry to Portsmouth.

When we left the hotel in the morning we rode to the Le Mans race track to get a photo, again the flag came out, the flag we had with us was sold a few weeks after the trip ended to raise much needed money the air ambulance charity .

Again, not much happened while on the road this day, we arrived at Caen long before we could board the ferry so all we could do was have a drink and a meal in one of the many restaurants in the port area to pass the time, but once we did get on the ferry after 9PM, the final night party got under way.

Chris had to ride his scooter on to the ferry with his broken ribs and off hiring the car was nothing less than a nightmare as the drop off place they had been told was at the port had closed down, lol. We all had a whip round during the night though to help Chris fund the hire car which I’m sure he appreciated as the cost had been quite steep.

The only down side really to the whole trip had been Chris’s accident, all the lambrettas had made it all the way, yes some had running repairs and others had been troublesome all the way but that is to be expected when undertaking such an arduous journey on old machines. Also, most of the party had got on which wasn’t expected with so many strong minded people living out of each others pockets for over two weeks.

The last video below is taken from when I had just left the last services stop on my way home the day after the night on the ferry. Up to that point this trip had been by far the best trip I had done on a lambretta.

Big thanks to all those that took part, whether that’s the people who rode with us or the people we met along the way and a big thanks to the crew for awarding me a nice trophy at the end of 2017 at our Xmas party, there was no need but it’s appreciated all the same 🙂

Days sixteen & seventeen tracks

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