Adria day six

We woke up to another glorious day and over breakfast found out that Warren had got up early and headed off to return his hire van, the problem was that the local guy who had said he would pick him up had found out how far away it was and refused to do so. This meant warren had to get a taxi back which again cost the earth.

When Warren got back we set off and were soon ridding up Fluela pass, at the top some of the party had a snow fight which was fun.

Coming down the other side was just as spectacular. The weather this year made all the difference, a few of us had rode the pass in 2014 but that year it was foggy and raining hard. On the way down Chris had front brake failure and came close to crashing on one bend.

Ofen pass was next, here we saw other Lambrettas for the first time during the trip, they had a van being driven by wives or girlfriends and no luggage on the scooters. (lucky sods)

A short time later we came across people walking Donkeys, they didn’t like the Lambrettas

After Ofen pass we headed south to Stelvio pass, to reach Stevio we had to go up Umbrail pass which was amazing and very steep. Half way up it I felt my rear wheel had a very bad wobble on each right had switch back, when I pulled over to investigate I found that I only had one nut left holding my rim to the hub. Scary! With new nuts fixed we carried on to Stelvio where again the views were unbelievable.

On the way down the other side of stelvio Warrens GT had another stator failure which had to be changed, while doing this we saw quite a few other Lambrettista riding the opposite way. Russ also had a strange noise in his engine too which was concerning him. One problem no one yet knew about was what had happened to Scotty’s engine, it was still running but making some horrible noises.

It was now getting late again and the party had become stretched out while ridding north back into Switzerland then on to Austria heading for Imst . During this stint I relieved the boredom with a bit of hid and chase with Ada.

When we reached Imst we had to climb another very steep hill to get to the hotel which was right next to the Imst Alpine roller coaster, when Nathan got to the top he threw his SX on the floor lol. The problem with the hotel was that as it was out of season being a ski resort the bar and restaurant were not open.

After over 7 hours in the saddle we all had a quick shower and booked taxis to take us into town where we found a bar close to a pizza restaurant. Most had a late night in the bar but Jason and Sue stayed far too late.

Day Six track (broken track due to bad reception)

Day seven

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