Adria day seven

First thing to do today was all go on the Imst alpine roller coaster which was right outside our hotel. However, like most of our plans this changed due to the news Scotty had a problem with his engine, a problem that non of us had brought a spare for. His chain tensioner had collapsed during the previous day, part of it had smashed a small hole in the bottom of his engine case which meant all of the gearbox oil had escaped. There wasn’t much left of the tensioner, just a few chewed up parts and the back plate still attached to the case.

When the clutch came off we also found that the spider had a piece missing.

First thing to do was repair the hole in the case, as the hole was nice and round it was suggested that we tap the hole with an endplate extractor tool, then a bolt was screwed into the hole covered in chemical metal. then a nut was wound on the outside, followed by a washer and then another nut. The bolt head on the inside was then covered in chemical metal. One part fixed!

The part we didn’t have was a chain guide, an SOS call was sent out over social media and while we waited for replies everyone got thinking. As the back plate was still good it was suggested that we could use exhaust nylon bobbins and fix them to the back plate. It just happens that the sleeve from the chain guide was the right fit inside the center of the bobbins, this enabled the bobbin to spin when it was bolted to the back plate. Also the direction of the chain when the engine is running would tighten the bolt rather than loosen it if it did snag. Two bobbins, two penny washers, a sleeve, nut and bolt where used to fix it in place. Job done, proper bodge everyone was proud off even if everyone wondered how long it would last.

A spare spider was fitted and then it all went tits up! The scooter was being worked on next to a big steel grill which was over a pit next to the hotel wall, one of the clutch springs bounced and fell down the pit. It took more ingenuity to make up a magnetic fishing rod to fish the spring back out. once retrieved the engine was built up and filled with oil, the oil didn’t leak out which was a good start.

Now the Lambretta was repaired in a fashion we could think about going on the ride.

The coaster is really long and comes down the side of the mountain. The only way up to the top is via a chairlift so we all paid the fair and jumped on.

Jason and Sue had stayed out at the pub until 4AM and had not been out of bed long, they decided not to travel with us when we intended to leave due to their hangovers.

Johnny had arrived by the time we all got back from the coaster. Johnny had driven his VW T5 from the UK to meet us, he was carrying tents, spare clothes, 2 stroke oil and all sorts of other stuff for members of the crew. A welcome site for many. He had originally planned to meet us that night but as he knew there were problems with Scotty’s Lambretta he had pushed on and got to us just in case we were unable to repair it.

We all packed up the scooters, (and threw some of the gear into Johnny’s van) and set of.

We had planned to ride to the Grossglockner pass today but due to how late were leaving it was decided to change the plan and head straight for a hotel we had just booked in Trento.

As we passed Innsbruck I got a call over my intercom from Warren to say he had taken the wrong Motorway and had broken down AGAIN. as we were so far ahead I told him we would call him when we reached the next services. when I called him he sounded desperate, I told him we would wait there for him and he could then put the scooter in Johnny’s van but he said he had spoken to Jason and as he was behind him he was going to his rescue. At that we set off again after sending them a text with the address of the hotel we were heading for.

Nige had an imaginary breakdown which we all pulled over for which turned out to be his carb sucking in a loose strap from his luggage. Nige has never been good with luggage, I followed him once when all of it fell off on the way home from Cleethorpes.

Nige puffing and blowing

The views again were stunning as we got into the Dolomites, the motorway we were on was in a valley for miles surrounded by mountains. The hotel however was again at the top of a mountain.

Once again we had booked a ski hotel, this one though was far above our expectations. 5 star on a rally isn’t something scooterists are used to. The rooms where huge, Nathan commented that if he hadn’t already done his running in miles he would have spent all night ridding around our room.

Later on Jason,Sue and Warren showed up

As usual we were the only ones still drinking when the bar closed so we were forced to turn in for the night.

Day Seven track

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