Adria day one

With the excitement building a few of us decided to leave a day early to get the majority of the journey down to the Channel Tunnel done on Friday night rather than getting no sleep on Friday night and doing it all Saturday morning.

We opted to book rooms at the Days Inn at Cobham services on the M25, A few of the crew decided to meet up there, others stuck to the original plan of leaving early Saturday morning.

This also gave me a chance to do any last minute checks and changes to the tracker, camera and luggage packing.

As usual it ended up with a pretty late night drinking before turning in for the night.

The following members set off on Friday to meet up at Cobham.


Indian GP150 standard


Li S3 – Casa 185


Jet TS1 225


GP – SpliffSpeed GT200

Eden – Paula

Eibar S2 Winter Model – SpliffSpeed GT250

Paul – Julie

GT 200


TV 200 GT200 kit


Standard 200

Video, trip to Cobham

Day one track

Uneventful day one….. it does get more interesting, honestly.

Day two

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