Adria day fourteen

After a good nights sleep we were all up early to pack and start the long slog from Saint-Tropez to Clermont-Ferrand. Sulla volunteered to drive the hire car with his and Chris’s lambrettas shoe horned in to the back as Chris couldn’t ride or drive with several broken ribs, they also lead the way which gave me a rest from navigating and attempting to keep the pack together.

The day was uneventful mostly with no sightseeing and no breakdowns worth mentioning apart from Ada’s gear change beginning to seize up, this became more of a problem the following day.

During the day both Nathan and Ada managed to get split up from the group, Nathan went the wrong way at one motorway intersection which meant we didn’t see him or Lyndsy for a good few hours during the middle of the day.

We all arrived safe at the hotel eventually, after a long day in the saddle.

Day fourteen track

Day fifteen

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