Granturismo Reed petals GT


Replacement reed petals for reed valves used in the GT186,  GT200, GT240, GT250.

Note: when changing or replacing reed petals in the reed valve, the petals have one corner that has a flat cut, this cut side goes to the left as you hold the valve with the reed petal screw heads facing up.

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Although not necessary on an engine that has a solid accurate ignition system we recommend doubling the petals on both sides of the reed valve, doing so reduces the chance of the reeds breaking in the event of pre-ignition occurring for what ever reason. doubling the reed petals also results in the petals lasting much longer than when used singularly.

We do not recommend using after market thick petals that we are aware of, we have seen serious failures due to those thick petals being fitted, the thickness and stiffness of those petals has proven to make the engines run much leaner air fuel ratios.

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Gran Turismo


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