Gran Turismo GT186 Kit Including head


Gran Turismo 186 conversion kit for Lambretta small block engine cases.

Made in the U.K by Granturismo

64mm Japanese piston for long life

Rebores up to nine oversizes

We offer 3 variations of the GT186 kit in regard to inlet manifold. The carburetor can be run either on the left (standard side) or right side. If the left side is preferred then there are options of either 25mm or 30mm manifolds, the right side option is only available for 30mm manifold.

Choose your inlet manifold preference below!



The GT 186 kit is a tried and tested lambretta small block kit, having been on the market for over 20 years.

The kit has reed valve induction to improve low and mid range torque.

Being cast iron like a standard original lambretta cylinder it is possible to re-bore and fit over size pistons which are also available from us. This gives the kit a very long life expectancy.

The porcupine head is designed with radial fins which all emanate from the centre of the combustion chamber which greatly improves cooling efficiency, (a feature that has been copied by other manufactures)

We only sell the GT kits including the GT Porcupine head, The Japanese piston used in the kits has a much lower crown height than a “standard” type Lambretta piston, this means that any other lambretta head which has not been machined to match the piston crown will result in an undesirable squish band which in return will adversely effect the kits performance and reliability.

We supply carburettors pre jetted for the GT186 kit in both Dellorto 30mm or 25mm, please use the product search feature or select the Lambretta Inlet category from the list to find them.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm
Manifold options

25 left, 30 left, 30 right


Gran Turismo


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