Adria day five

Breakfast in the hotel in Interlaken was in a room with a fantastic view and the weather was fine once again. Today we planned to do a few mountain passes on rout to Davos.

Interlaken breakfast view

We had been watching a website which gives info on pass closures because most passes are just opening after the winter closer at this time of year. To get to Furka pass from Interlaken we had to do Grimsel pass but Grimsel wasn’t open yet. We had to take the contingency route which headed north to Lucerne to get on to the A2 motorway which would take us under Gottards tunnel and then exit the motorway and climb up Gotards pass. this would bring us back on rout just after Furka pass. The plan was to get to there early so we could travel in the wrong direction for a few miles to do Furka pass.

It wasn’t to be 🙁

Before we got to Gottards tunnel I had a phone call to say that Warren had stopped again, this time due to a stator problem. Warren had been having problems everyday and nothing anyone did sorted it, we found out later at the hotel what the problem had been all along, more on this later.

We pulled into a services to wait for them, after nearly two hours sitting in the baking sun we set off again heading to the tunnel. The tunnel is over 10 miles long and the most striking thing about it is how hot it is in the middle of it, its hard to describe but anyone who has rode under it will know what I mean.

When we got out of the tunnel we took the next exit and started to climb Gottards pass, a few of the group were missing so we pulled over on a section of road that overlooked the motorway exit to wait for them. we saw them and phoned them to tell them the way to get up to us but it took ages for them to find the correct road, by this time the weather was turning and starting to rain. we headed off up the pass to Gottards museum.

Warren, Curt, Nathan and Lynsey had still not caught up with us so we told them to meet us at the top of Gottards Pass at a petrol station I had saved in my satnav, the problem when we got there was that it was just one single pump. The road to our left went to Furka pass and to the right was the way to Davos. As we were there late we reluctantly decided to miss Furka pass and continue to Davos. the rout was amazing with incredible views over the spine of the Alps, it took in many ski resorts.

Warren never did catch up with us because he had chosen to get recovered and the plan was to meet us in Davos, more on this later too.

Then the rout turned off the main road onto a road I had found while planning the route, we ended up doing some off roading through a closed road before realising there was a diversion in place.

This road was stunning, very narrow on the side of the mountains with views to die for. While up there we saw a helicopter fighting a huge fire in the valley below. Great road off the beaten track!

When we got closer to the hotel near Davos my satnav was determined to take back roads for some reason. At one point while I was leading Brad overtook me and my satnav immediately told me  “turn right on unpaved road”. I turned off and ended up in a farmers field on the steepest hill ive ever tried to ride on. It was so steep the scooter gave up and stalled. The funny thing was that I could see Brad parked in the middle of the road down below throwing his arms in the air as if to say WTF? One of the funniest moments of the trip for me.

Soon after we arrived at the hotel, it was a ski hotel and very nice, off season they are cheap and great value for money. Not long later we heard from Warren, he told us he had hired a van at huge cost and that he was on his way to us, he arrived after 10pm. He had to get the van back to them the next morning to avoid more costs and asked a guy at the hotel if he would give him a lift back, he agreed to, but Warren hadn’t told him it was hours away. This became a problem the next day.

After a few drinks we decided to try and fix Warrens scooter, we had to find out what was wrong with it first. Reeds was the first thing checked, we had to drop the engine to get the reed block off but no one had a hammer, we ended up using rocks and lumps of wood to knock the engine bar out, but the reeds were fine so we put the engine back in and thought again…. By now it was getting late and dark. Russ noticed that the engine would fire up fine and sounded normal until it was revved, then it would choke and die, but the main thing he noticed was that the tone of the exhaust changed. We took the exhaust off and found that the baffle had come loose and when revved the baffle was blocking the exhaust. We now knew what was wrong but the baffle was too big to get out, we resorted to cutting a hole in the exhaust big enough to get in and pull the baffle out and then repaired the hole with Gum Gum and exhaust bandage. With the exhaust back on the engine revved and was good for the next days ridding.

Day five track (broken track due to bad reception)

Day six

Adria day six

We woke up to another glorious day and over breakfast found out that Warren had got up early and headed off to return his hire van, the problem was that the local guy who had said he would pick him up had found out how far away it was and refused to do so. This meant warren had to get a taxi back which again cost the earth.

When Warren got back we set off and were soon ridding up Fluela pass, at the top some of the party had a snow fight which was fun.

Coming down the other side was just as spectacular. The weather this year made all the difference, a few of us had rode the pass in 2014 but that year it was foggy and raining hard. On the way down Chris had front brake failure and came close to crashing on one bend.

Ofen pass was next, here we saw other Lambrettas for the first time during the trip, they had a van being driven by wives or girlfriends and no luggage on the scooters. (lucky sods)

A short time later we came across people walking Donkeys, they didn’t like the Lambrettas

After Ofen pass we headed south to Stelvio pass, to reach Stevio we had to go up Umbrail pass which was amazing and very steep. Half way up it I felt my rear wheel had a very bad wobble on each right had switch back, when I pulled over to investigate I found that I only had one nut left holding my rim to the hub. Scary! With new nuts fixed we carried on to Stelvio where again the views were unbelievable.

On the way down the other side of stelvio Warrens GT had another stator failure which had to be changed, while doing this we saw quite a few other Lambrettista riding the opposite way. Russ also had a strange noise in his engine too which was concerning him. One problem no one yet knew about was what had happened to Scotty’s engine, it was still running but making some horrible noises.

It was now getting late again and the party had become stretched out while ridding north back into Switzerland then on to Austria heading for Imst . During this stint I relieved the boredom with a bit of hid and chase with Ada.

When we reached Imst we had to climb another very steep hill to get to the hotel which was right next to the Imst Alpine roller coaster, when Nathan got to the top he threw his SX on the floor lol. The problem with the hotel was that as it was out of season being a ski resort the bar and restaurant were not open.

After over 7 hours in the saddle we all had a quick shower and booked taxis to take us into town where we found a bar close to a pizza restaurant. Most had a late night in the bar but Jason and Sue stayed far too late.

Day Six track (broken track due to bad reception)

Day seven

Adria day fourteen

After a good nights sleep we were all up early to pack and start the long slog from Saint-Tropez to Clermont-Ferrand. Sulla volunteered to drive the hire car with his and Chris’s lambrettas shoe horned in to the back as Chris couldn’t ride or drive with several broken ribs, they also lead the way which gave me a rest from navigating and attempting to keep the pack together.

The day was uneventful mostly with no sightseeing and no breakdowns worth mentioning apart from Ada’s gear change beginning to seize up, this became more of a problem the following day.

During the day both Nathan and Ada managed to get split up from the group, Nathan went the wrong way at one motorway intersection which meant we didn’t see him or Lyndsy for a good few hours during the middle of the day.

We all arrived safe at the hotel eventually, after a long day in the saddle.

Day fourteen track

Day fifteen

Adria day eleven

Today Johnny was heading back home with Curt and Nige so the rest of us took the opportunity to off load luggage we didn’t now need, like worn clothes and jacket inner layers etc.

Once packed up again we headed for the Innocenti factory to pay homage. When we arrived at the gates the Lambretta club of Scotland were already there,  Bob Chalmers was the first to greet us, it was good to see him :).

The first thing I did was check that our sticker placed on the gates when we last visited in 2014 was still there, it was so I placed some more with this years design just under the old one.

Again it was an opportunity for the ILC flag to make another appearance, with group shots and individual shots taken we rode to the water tower on the other side of the factory and took more photo’s.

All that was left to do now was get inside. A little way down the road there was a gap under the fence where a few of us crawled under and managed to walk around inside, I then got a phone call from the others to say that Russ had found a way in that was big enough to get the Lambrettas inside too. We dashed off to join them. After a good look around which unearthed a few souvenirs  and many photo’s later we rode out, I’m sure I saw a snake as we left which was heading inside!

ILC's Lambrettas coming out the Innocenti factory for the second time!

Posted by Lynsey Hunt on Monday, June 5, 2017

We spent longer at the factory than we had planned which sadly left no time to visit the Lambretta museum due to us needing to do a few miles down to the Mediterranean coast for tonight’s hotel.

Before we got on the motorway to head south we went to the roundabout that has the Lambretta commemoration to take more photo’s.

There was some confusion as we got on the motorway and a few of the party took a wrong turn, it wasn’t long though before we were all back together again and doing some good mile munching.

As we pulled into the last fuel stop 65 miles before Savona I became aware that my engine wasn’t happy, it needed revs to keep it running and when we left the services it needed a bump start to get it going. very odd!

While riding to Savona. I came to the conclusion that the problem was ring related, it had very little power to pull up the hills which was a problem as we were climbing for miles and miles, the only thing I could do was get in the tow of a lorry and try to keep with it.

Even though I was having issues it didn’t detract from the enjoyment the views presented yet again. as we got closer to the Med the motorway consisted of just tunnels and bridges with mountains to our right and the sea to our left way below us.

When we got to Savona the engine still wouldn’t tick over and needed to be above 3000 rpm or it would stall, we found a fuel station on the front and booked a hotel for the night, we chose to find one that was close because I had no idea if my engine was going to start again or not. To my amazement it did start first kick but still ran terrible to the hotel.

I had decided to take the top end off and investigate but as it had started I was now wondering if it would last until we got to Saint Tropez the next day, as it would be more relaxed to do a piston change there near the beach during our planned day off than at the hotel tonight.

We found the hotel, showered and headed off to the beach to find a restaurant. Everyone had a good night and plenty to drink but all night I was pondering about what to do about my motor, this pondering continued late into the night at the hotel with me not getting much sleep.
What ever the problem was, it hadn’t prevented me from reaching our destination and the Lambretta hadn’t left me stranded at the side of the road!

Day eleven track

Day twelve

Adria day one

With the excitement building a few of us decided to leave a day early to get the majority of the journey down to the Channel Tunnel done on Friday night rather than getting no sleep on Friday night and doing it all Saturday morning.

We opted to book rooms at the Days Inn at Cobham services on the M25, A few of the crew decided to meet up there, others stuck to the original plan of leaving early Saturday morning.

This also gave me a chance to do any last minute checks and changes to the tracker, camera and luggage packing.

As usual it ended up with a pretty late night drinking before turning in for the night.

The following members set off on Friday to meet up at Cobham.


Indian GP150 standard


Li S3 – Casa 185


Jet TS1 225


GP – SpliffSpeed GT200

Eden – Paula

Eibar S2 Winter Model – SpliffSpeed GT250

Paul – Julie

GT 200


TV 200 GT200 kit


Standard 200

Video, trip to Cobham

Day one track

Uneventful day one….. it does get more interesting, honestly.

Day two