In 2018 we celebrate our 10th year online, hence the revamp of the site which I hope you will like.

Lambretta-images.com began as a Lambretta photo management and sharing application. It enabled registered users to upload photo’s of their Lambretta, pictures of Lambretta memorabilia and any other Lambretta related image.

The old site can still be accessed via this link where members can still upload and view images. Any deserving images will also be added onto this new platform in the Archives gallery.

There are some categories that still require images, any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Lambretta Images Archive also has a presence on Facebook where people can also upload their Lambretta related images as well as contact us directly. Please state exact model if uploading to the Facebook page.

Lambretta Images Archive YouTube channel

This website is more than just a place to view Lambretta related images and video. Being involved with Granturismo in regard to testing and development we also sell the full product range. We also undertake full engine builds and tuning projects under the tongue in cheek moniker “SpliffSpeed”.

(Some People Like It F**king Fast) Speed.

The blogs from the old site are now on this new platform and more will be added as we continue to explore the world on our Lambrettas.

The port timing calculators are also here too.

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Choose which top level category you would like to browse from the list below, each category has subcategories for each model produced which contain galleries of images, along with information about each model.

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I’m often asked which camera I use for the video footage. I have always got a GoPro with me, but in recent years most of the footage is shot on the Sena Prism Bluetooth helmet cam.

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The reason I prefer the Sena Prism is because I also use a Sena Bluetooth headset/intercom system, This not only allows me to communicate with my pillion but also connects to the camera which enables me to operate the camera while riding and also records audio from the intercom system.

It’s a very versatile setup that I wouldn’t be without when touring.



No one knows the GT range as well as us, we test most of the products before they are released to the public and have the closest relationship with the man behind Granturismo, Richard Taylor. Ask the people who know, ask us!
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Granturismo Parts List

Granturismo 186/200 Manual

Granturismo GT200 Testing

Granturismo Intercontinental Engine Case